Laundry Solutions
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Laundry Softeners
Laundry Softener

Laundry Softener

Lubricates the fabric for less wrinkling, less sticking and reduces static for speedier ironing

  • Prevents skin irritation from residual alkalinity
  • Reduces extraction and drying time, minimizes lint and reduces friction wear
  • Phosphate-free, 100% biodegradable and environmentally safe
C-SL05 5 gal.  
Download MSDS Laundry Softener Sheet Now
Download Laundry Softener Product Information Sheet
Soft & Sour

Soft & Sour

Combination sour additive and fabric softener in convenient liquid form

  • Lubricates fabrics and reduces static electricity, leaving a soft-touch feeling
  • Prevents yellowing and graying by neutralizing residual alkali and dissolving hard water lime and iron stains
  • Safe for use on all cottons, linens and synthetic fabrics
C-RL05 5 gal.  
Download MSDS Soft & Sour Sheet Now
Download Laundry Softener Product Information Sheet